Founded in 2018, Digital Experience Labs was established to help organisations understand and navigate the intricate relationship between good process and great experience, offering organisations lean, practical and quick-to-market strategies and solutions that achieve meaningful, profitable change. Digital Experience Labs offers a range of services to organisations of all types and sizes, including:

  • User experience and operations process design
  • Process automation strategy and solution development
  • Intelligent case, workflow and business rules management
  • Omni-channel experience and data orchestration design and development
  • Legacy systems consolidation and abstraction

Contact details:

Email: luis.nejo@dxlabs.com.au

Phone: 1300 DXLABS (1300 395 227)

Web: www.decisions.com/partners/dxlabs/


JRNY’s digital assistants for insurance make buying, managing and renewing insurance more personalised and easier to understand.

Digital assistants engage with consumers in a way that is tailored to their customer journey and enable insurers to understand their consumers so well that their service is more personalised, timely and satisfying.

Contact details:

Michael Lovegrove - CEO

E: mike@jrny.ai

W: www.jrny.ai



Appsure is a full lifecycle insurance platform gaining strong traction in Australia.

It is built on a modern architecture, and is the ideal platform to deploy new tech for quantum insurance efficiency gains.  Talk to us about word recognition, straight through processing, new payment technologies, and contactless phone interaction.

Contact Details: 

Mark Hutson - Managing Director

T: 0407 753 221

E: mark@appsure.com.au

W: https://appsure.com.au/



Aptean Respond is a powerful case management platform that supports every role in your customer experience team—from front-line agents and case managers to team leaders and executives.

With the customer at the heart of the business, feedback and complaints can play a vital role in driving product, service, and process improvements—but most businesses are still struggling to understand and act on customer feedback. Respond provides a comprehensive platform for improving customer interactions, accelerating case resolution, and generating actionable insights on how your organization can do better.

Contact details: 

John Kim – Senior Account Executive

T: 0428 310 034

E: john.kim@aptean.com

contactSPACE is a provider of cloud contact centre software and PCI-compliant payment processing solutions. We help fintech companies, debt management services and insurance providers ensure regulatory compliance while driving efficiency through task-driven multichannel communications. Empower your team to deliver an incredible experience and maximise customer retention with our intuitive platform.

Contact details:

W: http://contactspace.com/

E: hello@contactspace.com

T: 1300 360 553


FaceMe’s Intelligent Digital Human Platform is a next generation conversational interface for kiosks, browsers and mobile.  FaceMe uses advanced machine learning to incorporate key human qualities (facial expressions, gestures etc.) into its product to provide highly customised interactions with customers in real time – creating valuable emotional connection. Over 89% of FaceMe users say the experience is both natural and enjoyable and they rate it as their number one preference for digital service.

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Ezidox Pty Ltd, is an award-winning platform for collecting, processing, managing and storing documents from customers and other third parties. ezidox™ is an interactive platform designed to understand exactly what documents are required, by when and in what format together with the tools to help capture, deliver, process and store them securely and efficiently. Automating the collection and processing of documents saves significant time and money and results in lower drop-offs and accelerated revenue. A secure and auditable cloud portal supported by mobile apps for both document collectors (organisations) and document senders (customers) ensures all parties can transact at any time and from anywhere, according to their convenience and have real-time visibility of the status of the transaction.  

ezidox™, is supported by fully functional mobile apps that is used by banks, brokers, insurers and many other professional service providers for the rapid collection of documents and information from customers.

The benefit of ezidox™ is that it provides loan customers with the knowledge to understand exactly what documents are required, by when and in what format, together with the tools to help capture, deliver, process and archive them securely and efficiently, ready for use in the broker’s internal systems. No more wasted time scanning and emailing the documents,  customers now have an easy way to capture and send their documents, with the app automatically indexing the documents with the right file name.

Multiple formats can be uploaded including text, image or pdf. Ezidox makes it simpler and more intuitive for customers by guiding them through the entire process complete with friendly SMS reminders, encouraging them to complete their document uploads. By using the latest and most accessible technology via a mobile application customers significantly change their behavior in terms of ownership and time taken to send through the correct documentation.

The solution is relevant for a raft of professional services industries with a strong reliance on efficient document collection and indexing, including legal, accounting, banking, brokering, insurance and many others.

Contact Details:

Trevor Armstrong

Ezidox Enterprise Sales Manager




Gallagher Bassett is Australia and New Zealand’s largest multi-disciplinary third party claims administrator. Drawing on our global network and extensive local resources, Gallagher Bassett provides customised claim and risk mitigation solutions that improve our clients’ outcomes.

GB provides a full range of claims management and administration services, specialising in general insurance, workers' compensation, self-insurance, life and health and consulting and audit.

With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and New Zealand, and a team of more than 900 claims management experts, GB provides a unique suite of claims and policy management and related consultancy and technical services.

Contact Details:

Chris Prabu

National Business Development Manager

Phone: +61 2 9464 7522

Mobile: +61 437 558 355




The Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA) was formed in 1983, and is a highly regarded, independent, not-for-profit association represented in every state and territory.


AILA’s objective is to promote, review, develop, debate and educate industry-specific information on insurance law and issues through educational seminars and conferences, networking events, and an online library filled with whitepapers and other resources.


AILA is the biggest and most successful global chapter of AIDA – the International Insurance Law Association.


AILA also offers annual membership with individual and corporate packages available.


AILA’s membership and friends are not restricted to the law, and comprises of judges, barristers, lawyers (in-house and private), academics, accountants, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, loss adjusters, corporates, government, regulators, suppliers and more.